Children can present with a myriad of concerns. They range from; anxiety, autism, ear infections, scoliosis, joint pain, growing pains, trauma from birth, suction or vacuum during birth, TMJ pain, headaches/migranes to the typical bumps and bruises of childhood.


Craniosacral Therapy and Children

Craniosacral Therapy can be beneficial to children by facilitating releases of fascial restrictions allowing for improved mobility.   We know that during adolescence the bones can grow faster then the muscles causing some bone and muscle pain.   This may also happen with the cranial bones and the intracranial membrane system.   If the cranial bones grow faster then the membranes these membranes can become tight. In the What is Craniosacral Therapy? section I mention how the dural mater is in two layers.   One layer attaches to the underlying cranial bones and one layer folds in on itself to form the intracranial membrane system. (ICM)   If the ICM system is tight it can affect the entire CS system, cranial nerves, and the dural tube.   This can result in spinal concerns like scolosis and/or joint pain.  CST focuses on enhancing general health, improving their brain and spinal cord function, and reducing stress.

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