Meet Karyn


As an athlete in college I found myself in the athletic training room with an ankle injury.   This was my first major introduction to healing as a career.   While in college I perused a career in athletic training but I found it to be limiting for women.   This led me to becoming a physical therapist.   While in PT school I transitioned to working with children. Always wanting to learn something new I acquired a vast knowledge around various therapeutic modalities for children.   (For more information see my experience page.)

It was not until I had my own children that I was introduced to Craniosacral Therapy (CST).   I have a son who was born on the autistic spectrum.   As a parent I wanted to do all I could to help him become an independent adult.   As a therapist, with that love of learning, I acquired more education surrounding any modality I felt would help him progress.

When I was introduced to CST, I found my passion.   It not only helped my son, but the personal changes I went through, also affected him.   I learned about being grounded and neutral with my own energy, allowing him to flourish.   With CST I felt as if I was able to treat the problem versus chasing a symptom.

To spend more time at home with my family, I traded in a full time job for a part time private practice, where I treat clients utilizing CST, and worked in a NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit).   This is where I found a passion for infants and their families, especially when I was able to incorporate CST into my daily practice.

I have recently turned my love of learning into the love of teaching.   I enjoy seeing the faces of students as they absorb new knowledge and knowing that they can spread the loving touch one hand at a time allows me to feel I am helping to change and soften the world on a larger scale.

Presently, I divide my time between my private practice The Body Network,, where I specialize in treating infants and pregnant families and as an Instructor for the Upledger Institute teaching Craniosacral Therapy.

My philosophy is based on my personal relationship with God and I do this by coming from a place of love, respect, and non-judgement every time I treat a client.

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