Conception and Pregnancy

pregnant woman

We now know what goes on in utero can last a lifetime. This means that conception is just as important as the pregnancy. The Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH)is built around this premises of conscious parenting. As a CS therapist we can help with conception by making sure both parents are on the same page about having children. Ideally we would work with each parenting individually, then as a couple. When both parents have the same idea for pregnancy it can make "womb" for the baby. There is stress and anxiety just from the thought of starting a family. CST can help to decrease this stress and anxiety allowing the body to be open for conception.

Pregnancy is a time of wonder and joy for most families and CST can help with some of the changes that the body goes through from the pregnancy. These include shortness of breath, heartburn and indigestion, backaches, pelvic and abdominal pressure, constipation, leg pain, and depression.

Craniosacral Therapy for Conception and Pregnancy

A session is tailored to your needs on each day and in each moment, so there are myriad variations you might experience. Techniques vary from session to session, and the insights and sensations experienced will be personal.  A CS therapist can work with the anatomy, hormones, physical restrictions and the desire for pregnanacy when treating a couple. Once pregnant the therapist might have the parents tune into their baby when they are talking and see what they feel.   By helping the parents notice/feel changes that occur as they talk with their baby they learn what their baby likes and does not like, improving overall communication.

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